Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Salem Farmers Market - November 13th

This was a really fun (really cold) day.  We met so many nice folks.  Seems everyone in Salem knows everyone else! All of the wine bottles are sold except one. I sold 2 of the little school chairs I had painted to a grandmother for her adorable little grandsons.  I told them they were "time out" chairs and explained what that meant...but they still wanted them anyway.  Hope they don't have to use them.... "much". A few dish rags, a few scarves, and several of our wooden items (my sister turns the most beautiful pens). Tried a hot fresh donut made right before my eyes....oh the sugar high! And bought a couple of Christmas presents myself. Sorry, more hints.  Here are some photos of our booth.


Donna said...

So many great things! Love your bottle lights.

Patti's Artful Design said...

Gloria....your Lucy is adorable! Yes....I love every dachshund I meet! Our Gracie was 17 years old and passed away in early my heart is still mending from losing my girl. She was special. Thank you for mentioning her. Thank you for stopping by my blog and those kind comments. I am going to be a follower....I have to know what Lucy is up to! I hope you do the same.

Creative Breathing said...

I do hope this comment finds you the next time you post. Your comment on my blog Creative Breathing really touched my heart. I think to have known true love for no matter how long is God's greatest gift to us. Thank you so much for visiting and sharing such a personal memory. Joy to you this Christmas season. Elizabeth

Signs and Salvage said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!! The birdhouse was soooo much fun to make. I hardly ever make something just for me:):) The base was an old metal light fixture that has been sitting around forever:) I did not glue it to the birdhouse...thinking I can use the base for a Valentine themed birdhouse I want to make:)

Merry Christmas to you!!!


very merry vintage style said...

Love farmer's markets. Who can resist a hot donut? Thanks for stopping by my blog--