Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Annual Hillsville Flea Market

Finally took a few pictures of things I found at Hillsville Flea Market.  Most were for the bathroom.  Funny, it wasn't planned that way.  Yikes...I can't get this photo right side up!  This was a very very old stand that came from a retail store.  It used to hold clothes for sale.  Now it hold my towels.  It has a "key" on it that lets you raise the upper part up and down to the desired height. 
 I could also see this used as a birdcage holder.

I was told that this was a "pee pot".
I'm using it for hand towels next to the bath, an stuck in a little sachet packet.

And finally, my new little "TP" holder.  It's the perfect size
to hold one spare roll of toilet paper.  Now I just need to
get to Micheal's and buy a stencil.  I want to put
TP on the small one and perhaps Towelettes on the other.